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US Squash Regional Junior Focus Groups - with Zoom call, College Squash and presentation file

Emails sent by Kim Clearkin on August 21st


US Squash Return to Competition v2
Download PDF • 258KB


Thank you for participating in the Regional Junior Focus Group meetings this week. We appreciate your input as we evolve our plans for the return to competition. To that end I attach the presentation we used and also provide a link to the Central States call here.

The main headlines for the plan can be summarized below. We believe that this will provide a flexible and adaptable interim junior framework, giving players the opportunity for meaningful competitive play whilst each State navigates their re-opening process.

Interim competition (while States re-open)

  1. Approved Facilities for accredited play (Approved facilities must meet health and safety protocols).

  2. Adjusted tournament operations protocols to cater for social distancing and health and safety.

  3. Localized competition, likely inter-club, District and/or State based.

  4. Ratings based competition crossing age groups and potentially genders.

  5. Rankings based on ratings (age group at potentially Club, District, State, Regional, National levels).

Transition phase – restart of rankings (when national play is possible, national travel allowed)

  1. Schedule no-cut tournaments for Advanced levels (JCT/Gold players - National) and Intermediate levels (Silver/Bronze - Regional).

  2. Adjusted points structure for these tournaments that are in line with current tournament level points.

Restart phase

  1. Schedule JCT, Gold, Silver Bronze based on ranked players in region.

  2. Review policy adjustments based on previous season experience.

  3. Restart points based rankings.


There was a lot of conversation regarding the use of facemasks in each of the three sessions. Currently this is recommended for play. We understand that this presents us with a difficult decision to make with respect to accredited play. Some states require this already, gyms require this also. However playing with a mask is definitely challenging and some players may not be able to compete in this way. That said, playing with a mask significantly reduces the risk of transmission of the virus and the likelihood of others in the facility contracting COVID-19 is therefore minimized. We will continue to evaluate the role of masks in accredited play and I welcome your opinions either way to help guide decisions. (Additionally to clarify that faceshields are not considered adequate replacements for facemasks)

College Squash

For those of you who are interested in College Squash and the impact that coronavirus is having on recruitment please make sure to sign up for one of our Round Table sessions. More details can be found here.

If you have any concerns at all you would like to discuss regarding the return to play or competition please feel free to email or call me or Harry who is copied on this email.



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