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Darien Squash

Darien Squash

Darien Squash is a group of Darien student-athletes (grades K-12) interested in learning and competing in junior individual and team squash. Darien Squash leadership is composed of parent volunteers interested in organizing and facilitating the efforts of the athletes. All coaching and training are provided by outside professional programs.

Darien High School Teams:

Darien High School Squash was started in 2005 as a mixed club team. In 2007 the Board of Ed approved funding for an official varsity team.  The boys and girls Varsity teams began play in the 2007/2008 season. The program currently consists of Varsity/JV Boys and Varsity/JV Girls teams with a total of 36 athletes.

Darien Youth Squash:

Darien Youth Squash consists of 100+ athletes of all different levels. Grades k-8.

Elementary School: Grades K-5 are open to residents of Darien.  Our mission is to introduce young children to the sport of Squash while encouraging both competitive play and fun. While players are grouped by age, there is also a consideration for skill level.

Middle School: Grades 6-8 are open to residents of Darien. Our mission is to continue to build on the players' skills, increasing their exposure to competitive team matches and still encouraging fun and

sportsmanship, all while developing a lifelong appreciation of the game.

Darien Squash is very proud of its graduates that have gone on to play college squash at the Varsity or club level.

Ushashi Basu, Tufts University, Class of 2013

Britt Gordon, Boston College, Class of 2014
Leslie Gill, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2015
Kincade Webster, Fordham University, Class of 2016
Madeleine Gill, Stanford University, Class of 2016
Dominic Hansford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Class of 2017
Jonathan Gill, Columbia University, Class of 2017
Toby Hansford, University of Virginia, Class of 2020
Connor Wind, Tufts University, Class of 2020
Walker Wind, Tufts University, Class of 2021
Harrison Gill, Yale University, Class of 2021

Dillon O’Shea, Tufts University, Class of 2022

Henry Sparkman, The Naval Academy, Class of 2024

Kenzie O’Shea, Colby College, Class of 2025

David Strong, Boston University, Class of 2026

David Zhao, Middlebury College, Class of 2027 

Arnav Tevatia, Cornell University, Class of 2027

William Koons, Colby College, Class of 2027

Darien Varsity Boys and Girls at US Squash Nationals 2020
Darien Boys squash team at Yale 2019
Darien Girls Middle School team winners of Div III at US MS Nationals 2020
Darien Elementary school program 2017
Henry Sparkman Darian Varsity squash boy
Taylor Richards Darien Varsity Girls at
Darien Middle school team at FairWest Jamboree
Darian Elementary School squash
Darian Elementary School squash
Darien vs Bronxville Varsity squash match 2019/20 season
Grace Mitrano - Darien High School Girls
Darien Girls Varsity Girls team 2019/20
Darien vs Bronxville Varsity squash match 2019/20 season
Darien Elementary school program 2018
Darien Girls Varsity Girls team 2019/20
Darien vs Bronxville Varsity squash match 2019/20 season
Darien vs Bronxville Varsity squash match 2019/20 season
Darien Girls Varsity Girls team 2019/20
Savannah (winner of GU11) and Maddox Moxham (runner up BU13) at CT JCT 2020
Darien Girls Varsity team 2020/2021
Darien Girls Varsity Squash team and Ber
Darien squash team dinner '21
Darien Squash Middle School 2nd at the Middle School Nationals 2022
Darien Squash Girls team at Nationals 2022
Darien Squash Boys team at Nationals 2022
Darien Girls JV team 2022
Darien Squash All League award winners 2022
Darien winner of the All League Award 2022 (2 missing from picture)
Darien Seniors 2023
David Zhao, Will Koons, Principal Dunn, and Andrew Banks with FairWest Trophy for 22/23 se
Darien Boys squash team 2023
Darien Middle School Girls Team 2023

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