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Briarcliff Squash

Briarcliff Squash dedicated to promoting, developing, and supporting public school student interest and competency in squash by providing an opportunity for professional instruction for boys and girls and competing in the FairWest League for grades 6 through 12.

At Briarcliff High School, squash is offered as a winter Varsity sport for boys and girls. At Briarcliff Middle School level, squash is a club 100% managed by parents.

Students are encouraged to maximize their potential in squash through instruction, practice, match, and tournament play within the context of teamwork, camaraderie, and sportsmanship, all while developing a lifelong appreciation of the game.

Briarcliff Squash is very proud of their graduates that have gone onto play college squash at Varsity or club level.

Caleb Schumacher, Fordham University, Class of 2023

Isabel Schumacher, Connecticut College, Class of 2025

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Greenwich Boys B vs Briarcliff 2019/2020
Briarcliff Girls Varsity squash team 201
Briarcliff A.jpg
Briarcliff A.jpg
Isabel Schumacher of Briarcliff getting
Briarcliff and StreetSquash Dec 21
Briarcliff and StreetSquash Dec 21
Briarcliff Boys squash 2022
Briarcliff Girls Squash team 2022
Briarcliff Boys winners of Division VI at Nationals
Lyle Alenstein Bonnie Bancroft Award 2022
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