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New Canaan Squash, Inc. is a volunteer 501c3 corporation dedicated to promoting, developing, and supporting public school student interest and competency in squash by providing an opportunity for professional instruction for boys and girls in elementary school through high school, grades K through 12, as well as interscholastic competition in grades 7 through 12. 

We are committed to accomplishing this by expanding town-wide visibility and growth of the program through a combination of public outreach, fundraising, and increasingly successful interscholastic achievement.  Students are encouraged to maximize their potential in squash through instruction, practice, match, and tournament play within the context of teamwork, camaraderie, and sportsmanship, all while developing a lifelong appreciation of the game.

At New Cannan High School, squash is offered as a winter Varsity sport for boys and girls. At Saxe Middle School, squash is a club 100% managed by parents.

New Cannan Squash is very proud of their graduates that have gone on to play college squash at Varsity or club level.

Henry Greer, Notre Dame, Class of 2018

Hal Holappa, Dickinson College, Class of 2019

Christian Megherby, University of Richmond, Class of 2019
Grayson Bubrosky, University of Virginia, Class of 2019

Killian Bubrosky, University of Virginia, Class of 2019

Trey Gesing, Colgate University, Class of 2019

Francisco Rocha, Colgate University, Class of 2019

Sam Havens, Bucknell University, Class of 2020

Matt Donaldson, Sewanee: University of the South,  Class of 2020

Caroline Grogan, New York University, Class of 2022

Will Comyns, Williams College, Class of 2023

Liz Cucco, Elon University, Class of 2023

Reid Dahill, Elon University, Class of 2023

Chloe Sigg, Denison University, Class of 2023

Teddy Manges, University of Richmond Class of 2023

Bradley Hennessy, Dickinson College, Class of 2024

Tara Chugh, University of Chicago, Class of 2024

New Canaan Saxe Middle School B team
New Canaan Saxe Middle School A team
New Canaan Girls Varsity squash team at
New Canaan Middle School team at the US
New Canaan High School squash team 2019_
New Canaan Saxe Middle School at US Squa
New Canaan Saxe Middle School warming up
New Canaan Girl Varsity A 2019
New Canaan Boys Varsity squash team 2020
New Canaan Girls Varsity 2020/2021
New Canaan Middle School squash getting
New Canaan Girls Varsity Squash team 202

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