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Greenwich Squash

Greenwich Squash (GS) is a 100% parent-driven organization that receives no financial or administrative support from the Greenwich Public School (GPS) system. We are not a varsity sport at Greenwich High School (GHS), nor are we an “official” club there or at any of the public middle or elementary schools in town. All GS club activities are run and managed by volunteers. 

GS aims to make squash as accessible and inclusive as possible for the GPS students - Greenwich High School, Eastern Middle School, Central Middle School, and Western Middle School (the Middle Schools train and play as one team). The idea is that these players learn a life sport and have fun doing it.

Squash is a winter sport that runs from November to February, however, some of the programs offer fall (pre-season) and spring (postseason) programs for those that are interested but they are not mandatory. All players are expected to have a US Squash account (a free version is available) where their matches are recorded.  

Players can join and start playing in any of the below programs. We have tried to make this club as inclusive as possible. In the 2019/2020 season, we had about 90 players in the club of all different levels and ages. 

  • Elementary School Program:  3rd-5th graders that attend any of the GPS elementary schools. The aim is to run clinics to introduce children to the sport and teach them the basics. There is no team structure or competitive matches. At the moment, we plan to run this program at Greenwich Academy.


  • Middle School Program: 6th-8th graders that attend any of the GPS middle schools (Eastern, Central, and Western). Here, we continue to develop the players' skills but also introduce them to the squash team concept (ladders, challenge matches, etc), sportsmanship when winning and losing, commitment to the team and how to referee the matches. Squash is one of the only sports where the players are expected to referee each other's matches. Players are not required to play competitive matches if they don't want to. Teams are co-ed and compete against other public school teams in the FairWest League and attend the US Squash Middle School Nationals (we try to field separate boys and girls teams if we have enough interested players). At the moment, this program runs at Greenwich Water Club in Cos Cob.

  • High School Program: 9th-12th graders that attend Greenwich High School. There are separate boys' and girls' teams. Here we continue to develop the players' skills building upon what they learned in middle school. We expect that these young adults will learn the value of leadership, commitment to their team, and working hard to contribute their best regardless of skill level. At this level, we ask the parents to step back and encourage the players to advocate for themselves. All the teams play against other public schools in the FairWest League and some out-of-league matches vs private schools. The A teams (boys and girls) attend the US Squash High School Nationals, which normally run in late February. Due to the pressures of high school, we allow players to come to clinics and not participate in FairWest matches if they prefer. At the moment we plan to run this program at Greenwich Academy.

All the team's training sessions are done in a clinic or match play format to keep the price reasonable.

Greenwich Squash is very proud of the alumni that have gone on to play at college (one even plays professionally) Varsity or club level.

Faraz Khan, Rochester University and PSA Professional

Nicholas Bancroft, Lehigh University, Class of 2017
Philip Brauer, Colgate University, Class of 2017
Thomas Kingshott, Yale University, Class of 2018

Peter Yuen, Fordham University, Class of 2018

Cristina De La Vega, St Lawrence University, Class of 2018
Nicole Powers, Northeastern University, Class of 2018
Winifred Bancroft, Dickinson College, Class of 2018

Robert Rohrbach,  Middlebury College, Class of 2019

John Rohrbach,  Middlebury College, Class of 2020

Cornelius Bancroft, Lehigh University, Class of 2020

Jessica Powers, Ohio State University, Class of 2020

Natasha Feenstra, Wesleyan University, Class of 2021

Mac Awalt, Columbia University, Class of  2021

Lara Varma, Drexel University, Class of 2023

Sebastian De La Vega, St Lawrence University and Hobart College, Class of 2024

George "Auggie" Bancroft, Lehigh University, Class of 2025 

Ashton Monteiro, Bates College, Class of 2026

Greenwich: About
Greenwich High School A team 2017/2018
First day of Greenwich Elementary School 2018
Greenwich Elementary School 2019.
Greenwich High School Girls squash team at US Squash Nationals 2013.
Greenwich High School squash A team at the US Squash Nationals 2012.
Jackson Fish and Casey Judice both GHS s
GHS B squash team members Zane Khader (2
GHS Girls Squash A team at the US Squash
Greenwich Middle School squash team winners at FairWest Cup 2018.
Greenwich Middle School squash team 2018
GHS Boys A squash team at US Squash Nati
Greenwich Boys B vs Briarcliff 2019/2020
GHS Boys B squash team 2018/2019
Greenwich Boys and Girls teams at Yale 2
Ashton Monteiro, Auggie Bancroft, Nico C
Natasha Feenstra with Alister Walker
Greenwich Boys A squash team 2020/2021
Greenwich Girls Squash team 2020/2021
Greenwich Squash 2015 Nationals Team
Greenwich Boy's B team 2020_2021
Greenwich Middle School squash team 2021
Man Bun Day!
Elementary School team 21/22 season
Greenwich Girls 21/22 season
Greenwich Squash 21/22
Greenwich Squash 5/6 grade team 2021
Greenwich MS team
GHS squash team
Man Bun Day!
Elementary School team '21
Girls team having fun
Greenwich Squash Girls B 2021
Greenwich Squash Boys A team 2022
Greenwich Squash Boys b team 2022
Boys Seniors 2022
Boys team having fun at Nationals
Greenwich Boys squash team at the Nationals 2002
Boys team watching at Nationals
End of season party 2022
Boys team dinner at 2022 Nationals
Girls team at last game of the season 2022
Ashton - All League winner 2022
Christine - All League winner 2022
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