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US Squash Regional Junior Focus Group - Eastern States - Zoom call recording and ReOpen presentation

This is an email from Kim Clearkin @ US Squash


Thank you to all of you who participated in the Zoom call yesterday. I attach the presentation we used during the call and have added very brief notes with the slides.  I hope this will help you all understand where we are with our thinking at the moment.

Most discussion centered around the return to junior competition and rankings. It is important to understand that the junior system we have in place now can only work if the country as a whole has the opportunity to participate. The number of tournaments at each level are designed to work together and is based on the number of players in each region. If one region is unable to play, that affects the overall integrity of the rankings and penalizes players who are unable to get on court.

Our aim therefore, is to work on an interim system that still allows players to compete – if they want – and to be rewarded. Additionally the system must be flexible enough to not penalize players if their clubs are closed. Our ideas revolve around the use of ratings which are an alternative way to measure playing level. Ratings don’t drop off in the same way as points but can be improved through any type of organized play – if you choose. Ratings also give the opportunity for play across genders and ages, if that is appropriate.

If you would like to watch the call that took place yesterday please select this link and you will be able to download the presentation -

We will now be working on developing a more detailed set of recommendations which we would like to review with you w/c August 17th. We will be in touch with more details soon.

If you would like to talk further about any concerns or plans you think would be appropriate for the your area, please let me know and I would be happy to discuss with you.



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