​​​​​​FairWest Public School Squash Association

The High School league is comprised of a Girls Division and a Boys Mixed Division. There are 12 high schools and three urban city squash programs represented in this league. Teams also play matches against private school programs who are registered with US Squash. The season culminates in an Individual Scholastic Championship called the FairWest Cup and the U.S. High School Team Championships.





The league has 3 main events during the season, two Jamborees and the Middle School FairWest Cup. These events are held at Chelsea Piers in Stamford, Connecticut. In addition teams play head to head match-up that are organized directly between the teams managers.


The primary mission of the league is to create opportunities to bring young players to the sport by providing an active team format for public schools.



The primary goal of the league is to include more public schools in the area and in the long-term, grow to include public schools throughout the northeast region. FairWest league looks to grow their numbers, and provide a place for players of all levels—whether those who are top-ranked Gold/JCT competitors, or just beginners—including private and public school students, to play and get better at squash. It is an outlet for squash players, who may not have the best team programs at their schools, to play more often and with other kids of their same level, or better.