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Update from US Squash about COVID situation - May 29th 2020

Email form Kim Clearkin from US Squash on May29th 2020


Thank you to those of you who attended the call yesterday and to those of you who spoke about their experiences so far in the opening up process. A recording of the call is available from the link below. Please click on it and it will lead you to an option to download the file. The presentation we used is attached.

Link to recording of the meeting -

There was some discussion regarding how US Squash could perhaps help more with the phasing of the reopening process. To clarify, US Squash can only provide guidelines to you on how to reopen once a local government allows a club to be open. We unfortunately can’t influence which stage in reopening squash will be allocated to. Although Federal guidelines indicated that gyms should be in Phase 1, local governments are making individual decisions which supersede the Federal guidelines. Therefore each local government can and seemingly is different. Additionally local governments are not stating explicitly where squash fits in the opening phases and therefore squash is mostly considered to be categorized in the same way as a gym since it is an indoor activity. Many governments are now also distinguishing between indoor and outdoor recreation and therefore in order to make a decision as to where squash fits you are advised to look for recommendations regarding indoor recreation or gyms or even indoor tennis. If you are uncertain and would like advice please feel free to reach out to myself or Harry.

US Squash has provided guidelines for facilities that are reopening. These are on the US Squash web-site and can be used to help you form your operating protocols when you are allowed to open. It is likely that every club will need to customize these to suit their own individual circumstance. Please go to the following link and look for Facility Reopening Guidelines and the Roadmap to Full Club Play

Some of you also were interested in the Trusted Partner idea and waivers. Waivers may or may not hold up in court but are nevertheless good to have. You can find examples from the same web-page but look for Facility Case Study. And then select the two links.

We understand how frustrating it is that there is not a more cohesive way for squash to restart but unfortunately, the US has devolved the decision making process to the lowest level of government, meaning there are as many timelines as there are potentially counties in the US. And so it is likely that some areas will not be able to be open until later in the Summer while others will be wanting to start competitive play at the same time.

In terms of the resumption of accredited play, leagues or tournaments, US Squash needs to see clubs in the specific area open and further needs to allow time for players to regain fitness. It is possible District Leagues will be able to start first, when clubs in that District are open and players are agreeable to competing. Currently US Squash has limited accredited play or programming by region and this is an area we will be exploring to develop over the coming weeks with your help. National accredited play likely won’t be able to resume until the squash playing parts of the country are ready.

As always please contact myself or Harry Smith directly should you have any question about this. I hope you all find these meetings helpful as we all navigate our way back into squash.



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