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Update from US Squash about COVID situation - May 22nd 2020

Email from Kim Clearkin and Harry Smith @ US Squash on May 22nd 2020


As we approach the end of another month and the beginning of the summer we want to provide you with an update regarding the COVID situation. The good news is that some states are starting to open and that some squash is being played in the US. That said, this is mostly happening in the less squash centric areas but nevertheless we can still learn from their experiences. To that end the COVID page on the US Squash web-site has been updated with more information. Details are below.

We are also working on what the roadmap might look like from club play to national play. While national play is unlikely until the majority of the country is open, there is now perhaps an opportunity to provide more options at the District at Regional level.  Your input into these discussions would be very helpful.

We would like to invite you to another call to discuss where we are now and the roadmap back to competitive squash. If you would like to be part of the discussion please indicate your availability on the doodle poll here.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me or Harry directly.

Thanks and we wish you a good Memorial Day weekend.

Harry and Kim

Additions to information regarding the status of COVID in the US.

Take a look at which states are in which stages -

We are doing our best to monitor what is happening in each state and will be updating this map regularly.

Club Resources -

  • This option now has information regarding the roadmap from opening the doors to full club play with suggestions of what you could be doing at what stage.

  • Atlanta Community Squash has kindly share with us how they set up their facility to follow the protocols. Take a look at some photos of their facility and signage and waivers used.

  • Liability Information has been added. This is still largely unclear but some recommendations on limiting liability are given courtesy of the Aspen Institute – Project lay.

Player Resources –

  • This option now has guidelines for what a player could expect at their facility on return to play

  • Solo practice suggestions are also provided. If you would like to share any ideas please send them over.

Coach Resources -

  • The pros in Ohio have created a video showing 2 person drills that are socially distanced.

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