​​​​​​FairWest Public School Squash Association

Squash Haven

McLeod Abbott, Bates College, Class of 2019

Jack Buendia, Bucknell University, Class of 2019

Olivia Cappello, Middlebury College, Class of 2021

Ryan Murray,  University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2021

Hadley Barr, Middlebury College, Class of 2022

Delancey Mcfadden, Bucknell University, Class of 2022

Alex Swenson, Northeastern University, Class of 2022

Tyler Mackesy, University of Virginia, Class of 2022

Julia Curran, University of Virginia, Class of 2023

McKenna Stoltz, Cornell University, Class of 2023

Elisa Pettinato, Tufts University, Class of 2021

Shane Fries, New York University, Class of 2021

Andrew Schwartz,  Brandeis University, Class of 2022

Sarah Acselrod, University of Washington St. Louis, Class of 2022

Mia Krishnamurthy, Cornell University, Class of 2023

Fairfield High School

Henry Greer, Notre Dame, Class of 2018

Hal Holappa, Dickinson College, Class of 2019

Christian Megherby, University of Richmond, Class of 2019

Grayson Bubrosky, University of Virginia, Class of 2019

Killian Bubrosky, University of Virginia, Class of 2019

Trey Gesing, Colgate University, Class of 2019

Francisco Rocha, Colgate University, Class of 2019

Sam Havens, Bucknell University, Class of 2020

Matt Donaldson, Sewanee: University of the South,  Class of 2020

Will Comyns, Williams College, Class of 2023

Darien High School

Harrison High School

Faraz Khan, Rochester University and PSA Professional

Nicholas Bancroft, Lehigh University, Class of 2017

Philip Brauer, Colgate University, Class of 2017

Thomas Kingshott, Yale University, Class of 2018

Peter Yuen, Fordham University, Class of 2018

Cristina DeLa Vega, St Lawrence University, Class of 2018

Nicole Powers, Northeastern University, Class of 2018

Winifred Bancroft, Dickinson College, Class of 2018

John Rohrbach,  Connecticut College, Class of 2020

Robert Rohrbach,  Connecticut College, Class of 2020

Cornelius Bancroft, Lehigh University, Class of 2020

Jessica Powers, Ohio State University, Class of 2020

Natasha Feenstra, Wesleyan University, Class of 2021

Mac Awalt, Columbia University, Class of  2021

Lara Varma, Drexell University, Class of 2023 

Rafiatou Ouro-Aguy,  Hamilton College, Class of 2018

Alanis Perez,  Dickinson College, Class of 2019

Alexandra Matamoros,  St. Lawrence University, Class of 2019

Lessly Portillo,  Mount Holyoke College, Class of 2019

Michael Rodriguez,  Connecticut College, Class of 2020

David Aldaz,  Connecticut College, Class of 2019

Juan Huerta, Franklin and Marshall College, Class of 2021

Tia Brown, Haverford College, Class of 2021

Denise Bonilla, Connecticut College, Class of 2021

Tiffany Cervantes, Bates College, Class of 2021

Osuman Imoro, Dickinson College, Class of 2021

Frederick Cisse, Dickinson College, Class of 2022

Pratiksha Mishra, Franklin & Marshall College, Class of 2022

Md Jawad, Connecticut College, Class of 2022

Johanile Hurtado, Connecticut College, Class of 2022

Antonio Yerena, St. Lawrence University, Class of 2022

Hector Rivera, Hamilton College, Class of 2022

Melissa Marquez, Mt. Holyoke College, Class of 2022

Sebastian Arango, Connecticut College, Class of 2023

James Reiss, George Washington University, Class of 2016

Alvin Heumann, Dartmouth College, Class of 2018

Graham Bonnell, Bates College, Class of 2020

Sandra Reiss, Dartmouth College, Class of 2021

New Cannan High School

Rye High School

Greenwich High School

Ellie O'Callaghan, Trinity College, Class of 2020

Caroline Neave, Stanford University, Class of 2021

Ken Nakamura,  New York University, Class of 2021

John Depalma, Vanderbilt University, Class of 2021

Spencer Hunt, Vanderbilt University, Class of 2021

Caroline Baldwin, University of Virginia, Class of 2022

Kina Kacha, Boston College, Class of 2022

Sophie Barber, Bowdoin College, Class of 2023

Katie Hodulik, Hamilton College, Class of 2023

Bronxville High School

Westport High School

Ushashi Basu, Tufts University, Class of 2013

Britt Gordon, Boston College, Class of 2014

Leslie Gill, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2015

Kincade Webster, Fordham University, Class of 2016

Madeleine Gill, Stanford University, Class of 2016

Dominic Hansford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Class of 2017

Jonathan Gill, Columbia University, Class of 2017

Toby Hansford, University of Virginia, Class of 2020

Connor Wind, Tufts University, Class of 2020

Walker Wind, Tufts University, Class of 2021

Harrison Gill, Yale University, Class of 2021

Dillon O’Shea , Tufts University, Class of 2022